All rights reserved. We may not realize it, but many of our favorite foods—from guacamole to tamales to chocolate—were discovered, developed, and refined centuries ago in the Maya world.

Here are a few of our favorites. Chocolate Cacao is endemic to the lands of the Maya, who were the first to take the seeds of the fruit and roast them to make hot chocolate. Instead they took their chocolate as a ceremonial elixir and a savory mood enhancer. For the Maya, cacao was a sacred gift of the gods, and cacao beans were used as currency. Ek Chuah, the Maya god of merchants and trade, was also the patron of the cacao crop. When the Spanish invaded Maya lands in the s, they adopted the beverage, adding sugar and milk to make it sweet and creamy.

Avocados and Guacamol e The avocado, originating in southern Mexico and Guatemalais loved for its rich taste and creamy texture and was a treasured crop of the ancient Maya. Even today a person from Antigua Guatemala is called a panza verde, or green belly, because of the region's reliance on avocados in hard times.

maya main menu

Combined with chilis, garlic, cilantro, onions, and lime or lemon, avocados become guacamole, a sumptuous appetizer. Poc Chuc This distinctly Yucatecan dish dates to the days before refrigeration, when meat was preserved with salt. Slow-cooked pork is combined with sour orange juice and vinegar to temper the saltiness of the meat. The dish is topped with onions sauteed with coriander and a bit of sugar. Michelada Southern Mexicans like to add some spice to their food—and their beer. Some versions also include soy sauce or Maggi seasoning.

If the spices sound a bit much, try a simple version, which blends just lime juice and salt with a light beer, like Corona or Tecate. Corn Tortillas Handmade Guatemalan tortillas provide an elemental satisfaction. In outdoor markets, you can hear a rhythmic clapping as women pat them into shape, then cook them on a comal, a big wood-fired iron or clay pan that looks like a Caribbean steel drum.

These tortillas are only three or four inches across but thicker than what North Americans are accustomed to. The Maya creation myth says people were made of masa corn doughand this remains the essential element of the indigenous Maya diet.

Hot off the comal, tortillas are immensely satisfying, an ideal accompaniment to Guatemalan black beans, a perfect base for a layer of guacamole. Traditional Breakfast Simple foods are often the best. The typical Maya desayuno includes scrambled eggs, a side of black beans, fried plantains akin to bananas but larger, with more complex flavora bit of queso blanco white cheeseand a cup of rich coffee made from local beans.

Coffee Seeing where your coffee comes from is an eye-opening experience. Finca Filadelfiawith views of distant volcanoes, offers tours near Antigua Guatemala.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. The issue is that the menu doesn't get populated by the normal entries like it should but only by the entries I've added with these 2 lines of code. For example, the file menu normally contains "New scene", "Open scene", "Save scene", etc.

Is there a fix or a workaround to make sure the menu gets fully populated? Is there a way to force Maya to build it without the user actually clicking on it? Actually the problem is that Maya first populates the menu the first time the user opens it. It checks if the menu length and if it's greater than 0, it doesn't populate it. Since you've added 2 entries, the menu length is greater than 0 and doesn't get populated with the standard entries. To fix that problem there is two ways to do it.

You can do it by force-building the menu items or by registering your build menuItem. Bot ways are usable in different cases. What you have to do, is find the function that Maya call to build the menu you need. A good way to find the procedure name is to open the Maya Console, enable "echo all commands" and then to click the menu you want to see the function called to build it. In your case the function is called buildFileMenu and can be found in the script FileMenu.

Now that you have that function name, you have to check it's parameters. Sometime it need a menu name as parameters some times not. See the bottom section about how to find a menu name if you need one.

What you have to do is use a function called addMenuItemSafe which takes 3 parameters, the menu you want to populate, the name of the function which populates the menu, and a global variable name to hold the callback. So first thing you have to do is create the function that will populate your menu, then the function to remove it and then call the AddMenuItemSafe method. Note that in the function you have to check if your menu is already created because Maya will call that function every time the menu is shown.

Note for the menu variable names, you can "build" them by using the following convention. View is the view where you can find that menu. Ex: Main, Polygons, Animations, etc. Note Autodesk will sometimes rename menus and use old globalVariable names so using this method might not always work. Learn more.

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Asked 6 years, 6 months ago. Active 3 years, 6 months ago. Viewed 5k times. Hugo Dozois. Hugo Dozois Hugo Dozois 6, 10 10 gold badges 46 46 silver badges 54 54 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. By force building the menu : What you have to do, is find the function that Maya call to build the menu you need.


Now let's build it. By registering the build menuItem call What you have to do is use a function called addMenuItemSafe which takes 3 parameters, the menu you want to populate, the name of the function which populates the menu, and a global variable name to hold the callback. Name is the name of the menu. Ex: File, Edit, Mesh, etc.How to recover the Main Menu bar in Maya!

Esta era una de mis primeras preguntas. What else can I do. Do it not work in the trial version? Looks like your only other option is to re-install the trial version, to set the layout back to the default. Hey Joel, I have found a student version of Maya and its doing the same the trial version.

Still no main menu bar…even when trying ctrl-M? Unfortunately re-install didnt work either. If you happen to find out anymore information, please let me know. Got it! And this is not the case…I think it appeared there in earlier versions on Maya…. But now it appears were ever the mouse arrow is when the space bar is pressed….

On my mac, I kept pressing till it showed up. I meant. Mail will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Share this:. Email StumbleUpon. Tags: how tohowtomayatutorial. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Domingo Sanchez says:. February 9, at pm. Nick says:. February 15, at am. February 20, at am. February 20, at pm. February 22, at am. March 22, at pm. Click here to cancel reply.

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Issue: After updating or working in Maya for an extended period, the main menu bar in the Viewport View, Shading, Lighting, etc is missing. Causes: The menu bar preference is turned off, visibility not enabled, or the Maya preferences have been corrupted. To see a larger view of the image, right-click on the picture and select "Open in new tab". The Maya default workspaces can be switched accidently. To manually adjust, select the appropriate workspace using the top drop-down menu found in the upper right-hand corner of Maya.

This will change the default menus, windows and features shown in the Maya workspace Maya Classic is the default.

Maya Bonus Tools 2019/2020

For more information on Maya Workspaces, see this article: Workspaces in Maya. Find related content. Get answers fast from product experts in the forums. Visit Maya Forums. Need Help? Tell us about your issue and find the best support option. Post a Question, Get an Answer Get answers fast from Autodesk support staff and product experts in the forums.

Visit Maya forum. Maya Ideas Share and vote on ideas for future product releases.

maya main menu

Go to ideas. Browse providers for Maya. My Support Cases.I went to Mayas cafe with my friends fir our Anniversary and as always it was great my only problem is that we waited about 30 minutes.

Food was good. The restaurant is quaint with brightly strung lights and decor. Service is impeccable and the food delicious. Be sure to order the tableside guacamole. We had the fajitas and the Maya cafe is a large, cheerful place serving generous portions of tasty Mexican food.

My pork dish tasted of fresh herbs and spices, definitely a cut above the typical Mexican restaurant. We were staying in Fishkill and searched the internet for a place to eat. My wife found this restaurant which sounded interesting.

Autodesk Maya - Tutorial for Beginners in 13 MINS! [+Overview]

We had no reservations but were able to get in without a problem. The meal was fantastic, the service was great and were We shared a fajita plate and it was very good, Not greasy at all. It came well recommended, but was a little pricey. If I could give this restaurant 6 stars, I would. I have visited only twice, because I live four hours away.

The first time, I was traveling home from Quebec. I spent overnight in a local Fairifled hotel. They recommended Maya. It is wonderful! I love good Mexican food. I love pretty good Mexican food.

I didn't find either here. The food was average at best.After installing Bonus Tools, an additional pull-down menu will be added to the end of the main Maya menu. This menu provides easy access to a variety of tools and utilities for daily use. Maya Bonus Tools has been organized to mimic the layout of the standard Maya menu sets. Each sub-menu contains a number of related tools. Each of these can be torn off and floated just like standard Maya menus. Note: Due to the close timing of the releases, this update to BonusTools is supported for both Maya and Maya This means that new features added in this update will be available in both versions of Maya.

However, if you have an older version of BonusTools installed for Maya you will need to uninstall it in order to use the updated tools from this version.

Maya BonusTools can be found on the Maya app exchange. Create Account. Sign In. Fake or Foto. Software Trials. Upload your work.

Menus and menu sets

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Bifrost offers a ton of possibilities with it's awesome solvers and visual programming environmentMaya follows all CDC recommendations for safe preparation and delivery as we strive to maintain a healthy and happy Serve Safe establishment. Please call Delivery is available via GrubHub. We look forward to many more! From great wines to beers, custom cocktails to old favorites; trust Maya's award winning bartenders to share a wonderful evening. You will love our seasonal side dishes, entrees and homemade desserts.

Come to Maya and come home to eat! Maya offers a fresh look at Southern comfort food and seasonal ingredients in a comfortable intimate atmosphere. Our kitchen is open from pm, 7 days a week. Our award winning staff will greet your small, medium or large size gathering of friends with open arms. Sit outside on our Patio and take in the season or come inside and get away from the elements. Our bar is open from 4pm to midnight 7 days a week.

maya main menu

Want to see what all the brouhaha is all about? Choose from four of our incredible entrees and pick two delicious sides. We aim to please. You should not let a good appetizer get in the way of an impressive entree, however if you are going 'light' try one of our house made fresh salads or starters great idea if you want to save room for dessert. Maya now offers Gluten free options on most of our entrees.

Our staff is versed in the lingo of allergies so let us know if you have an special dietary needs. In addition to these we have other seasonally inspired sweet dishes to cap off off your night.

You simply must Come on down to Maya! Voted Charlottesville's Best Bartender 7 times over, Ted's sincere and friendly energy is one of Maya's greatest assets. Treat every guest with the respect they deserve and they will give you the opportunity to feed them for life. Peter strives to create a family environment in an effort to forge lasting relationships that create a comfortable and relaxing experience. It's all about the day to day and the little things make the difference. Mary will walk you through our private event rooms and menus and answer any questions you might have about wining and dining at Maya.

And come home to eat You will love our seasonal side dishes, entrees and homemade desserts. Our ever-changing menu is prepared in the spirit of the old southern kitchens.